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Pirate parade at the Sage Gateshead.


For performance or workshop information please contact:


Mike, email:

Working alongside a network of multitalented community artists and performers guarantees the running of high quality community arts workshops these have included work with: Festive Road, InterAction MK, Lets Circus, The Sage Gateshead, Dott 07, BBC Blast, Pady O'conner (of the clown doctors), Lets circus, Dilston college and many more.

We love what we do and we wish not only to show off our skills, though our performances but to pass them on to others, opening up the world of the arts to a wider audience. Our aim is to enthuse audiences and participants with the same verve and emotion that we feel in all aspects of the arts. I've have had the privilege to train and work with some truly inspirational individuals and companies and now delight in the opportunity to pass on my skills and experiences.


Scrap sculpture Dott 07

We offer workshops in:

Scrap sculpture,
Junk Instrument making,
Mask Making,
Circus Skills,
Circus Craft (equipment making),
Shadow Puppet (Making and Performance),
Face/body painting (including henna and UV),
Glass Painting,
Banner Making,
Willow sculpture
Lantern Making,
T-shirt Designing & Making,
Costume Design and Making,
Leather working,
Street Theatre (including mime and clowning),

For detailed workshop information and images see below.

All of our workshops can be tailored to specific events/themes.

We also run sessions aimed at team building, confidence boosting and stress release which include techniques and elements from many of the workshops above. These can be effective in a huge variety of settings from schools to offices. Particularly useful for exploring themes and current issues such as racism, bullying and healthy eating.

Prices: Average at £185 per worker per day (plus materials and travel expenses). In some cases, for example work for charities and private commissions, prices are negotiable as are discounts for block bookings.

Some sessions can be run on a drop in basis (check detailed info.). Our workshops are aimed at all ages and abilities and can be tailored to meet the requirements of most groups/individuals. We want to make our events and workshops accessible to as many people as possible and we are always delighted to discuss any alterations that will make this feasible. There are some restrictions, such as no unaccompanied under 8's.

Provision for groups with special needs

We have extensive experience of working with groups and individuals with special needs and all workshops can be tailored to accommodate any individual requirements. In certain situations individuals/groups who need extra help may want to arrange for careers/assistants to be present. Always discuss this with a member of the company who will be happy to help with arrangements.


Detailed Workshop Info.


. .

Scrap sculpture:

With emphases on safety, fun, eco awareness, participation, free expression and creativity these workshops are a great way of getting groups actively involved in recycling. Each individual gets a chance to add their ideas to help shape of the whole sculpture, encouraged and supported by our artists. Can be run as drop in sessions.


Junk instrument/ making:

Drinking straw clarinets, fog horns, shakers, carpet tube drums, lolly stick thumb pianos. In these workshops participants can make "real" instruments that make real sounds (and can even be tuned!) out of household rubbish. More extended sessions can culminate in a performance from a junk orchestra or a musical sculpture. Can be run as drop in sessions.


. .

Mask Making:

From traditional Commedia dell'Arte half masks to leather masquerade creations, groups create their own masks from a variety of materials, pape Mache, leather, gum tape, cardboard depending on the type of session required and space available. Mask sessions can become part of a longer series of workshops developing into a performance or carnival costume, (above photos were taken from a series of 3 day workshops where masks clowning and drama techniques were explored with myself and Pady O'conner of the 'Clown docters'.The sessions cumulated in an exhibition of masks and images at the Buddle arts centre Wallsend). Can be run as drop in sessions.


. . . .

Circus Skills:

Ever wanted to run away and join the circus? Groups are taught various techniques and skills: Poi, Staff, Juggling, Devil Sticks, Plate Spinning, Diablo, Balloon Modeling, Stilt Walking, Fun, Games and more. Session starts with a full body warm up. These sessions are especially good for confidence building and can be run weekly to build up to a parade or larger performance. Can be run as drop in workshops (but late comers must warm up!).

Circus Craft Sessions:

Participants are shown how to make circus equipment to take home with them. Poi, Staffs, Juggling balls, Flower sticks. All materials and fact sheets supplied. These sessions make a great accompaniment to a circus session, letting the group practice their newly learnt skills with the equipment they made themselves. Can be run as drop in workshops.


Shadow Puppet Making:

The focus of these workshops is on creating characters and making puppets. The session ends with short group performances. Further sessions can develop stories, characters and performance techniques.

. . . .

Face, hand and Body Painting:

These workshops teach techniques from basic use of brushes and stencils, to latex prosthetics and special effects. Giving an insight into the history of face and body decoration as an important aspect of many cultural and religious rituals. We can also offer face, hand and body painting for parties, clubs and festivals, including airbrush, henna, UV and latex. Can be run as drop in workshops.


Glass Painting, Banner Making*, Willow sculpture and Lantern Making: These exciting workshop can be run as individual activities ,as elements of a general craft session or combined with other workshops to create extra dimension for performance. Emphasis on using recycled materials. *(Groups create their own slogans which can be in response to themes such as healthy eating. Banners can also be a colourful way of advertising an up coming event) Can be run as a drop in session.

T-shirt Designing and Making: Encouraging participants to come up with their own snappy slogans and accompanying funky design through a short series of writing and art workshops. The second half of the session will be spent decorating the T-shirts. Can be run as drop in sessions.

. .

Examples of work from "Costume Design And Making" session

Costume Design and Making: As part of a performance, Carnival or parade or to tie in with a themed event we work with groups to develope their ideas into amazing and original costumes. Giving added colour and vibrancy to any event


. .

Poi And Staff Dancing: (Non-fire, soft play equipment and controlled fire workshops available) Originating in New Zealand and Hawaii, Poi has become a popular activity across the world. An excellent form of exercise improving fine motor control and coordination, as well as muscle tone and flexibility. The hypnotic repetitive motions of poi/staff dancing are very meditative, relieving stress and tension. Resent research suggests that stimulating both sides of the brain can help those with Dyslexia and other learning difficulties. Each workshop incorporates a full body warm up. Can be run as drop in workshops (but late comers must warm up!).



Street Theatre (including mime and clowning): Explore the ideas and uses of street theatre. Session are focused on helping the participants to create their own performance. Emphasis is on audience interaction and story telling. We will demonstrate and discuss techniques such as mime, music, working with an audience and improvisation. The workshop culminates in the participants performing their own devised pieces. Can be booked as one off workshops or developed into a longer series.


Leather Working: Create your own leather masterpieces from simle pouches or masks to full dragon puppets or suits of armour(several sessions required). Personalise, custom, colour and let your imagination free. All materials, tools and expert guidence along the way, included (Larger projects materal price to be negotiated). Commissions undertaken.



Arts in Education:

All workshops are available to schools/colleges etc. and often work well in a gallery or theatre setting. They can be included, not only in the arts curriculum but as a means a facilitating other subjects. A play-a-day is the example sighted below although, obviously, the possibilities are endless. Please feel free to contact us for further information or to discuss workshops specific to your school.

Play-a-day in educational setting:
We can take this workshop into schools to aid the teaching of drama, music, history and social sciences. The play-a-day workshop should act as a sounding board for the young people's own ideas. This is a day long workshop culminating in a short performance (between fifteen to forty minutes) and includes up to five workers. The morning session involves a dance, drama and voice warm up, a writing/devising workshop and discussion about production techniques/issue based drama. The afternoon session is the rehearsal period. The day ends with a performance.


Arts activities aren't just for kids and culture vultures; everyone can benefit from getting involved. There are physical and mental benefits to taking part in activities like dance and singing. Arts activities can give people a sense of achievement and aid lateral thinking and team building skills. Movement and singing workshops are a great way of de-stressing and learning to work cooperatively. We offer four workshop programs for work places. These can be a day or half a day:

                Stress management
                Team building
                Confidence boosting
                (with particular emphasis on presentation skills)
                Dealing With Bullying at work

We also offer longer workshop programs which respond directly to issues arising within the sessions.


Assistance's (job opportunities)

As young artists and performers the team have all experienced the difficulties of getting "the first gig": You can't get any work unless you have experience but you cant get any experience if you don't get any work! In the early stages of our careers we were all lucky enough to benefit from well established companies and individual practitioners placing their trust in our abilities and we have these people to thank for where we are today. We now aim to offer similar opportunities to local young people who are interested in a career in the arts. Giving them a chance to gain valuable paid work experience in workshop coordination, performing arts, administration and other related areas.

To Become and assistant you will need to apply to "Random Mike" With your CV, contact detail and a covering letter- tell us about why you are interested in a career in the arts and including all voluntary work you have been involved in. Also list any arts or performance activities you are/have been involved in with school college or local groups. References can be an employer, teacher, lecture, workshop or production leader.

To work as an assistant you must apply to the IR to obtain a self employed tax code. We can give you advice on how to do this. You will also need your own liability insurance and a police check. You will not be employed by "Random Mike" but by organisers or venues who are employing us. As a self employed person you will be responsible for looking after your own tax and NI contributions. If all of this sounds very complicated it's because it is!! But if you intend to work in the arts the likely hood is that you will be self employed and need to deal with all this at some point. If you require any help or more information then contact us.



Fire Show for Dilston College


Fire Shows.
Walkabout Characters
Musical Performances.
Shadow Puppetry.
Story Telling.

Fire Shows
Primal and mesmorising fire has fascinated people thought out time. Using an eclectic mix of unique equipment and wide range of skills (poi, staffs, ropes, swords, eating, body burning and breathing). I Create a visual feast with patterns and spirals of fire that captivate and hypnotise the viewer. Combining dance with Danger, adrenaline, excitement, and of course the primal magic of fire. An enchanting element bewitching audiences, transforming any event into a magical evening. My performances have taken me from on top of a Norman Castle to Kho Phi Phi Island Thailand, for illustrious clients such as her grace The Duchess of Northumbria and the BBC.

Balloon modelling
Balloons, dogs, cats, swords, guns, bears, hats, butterflies created before your eyes. More risqué models suitable for clubs and hen/stag nights. Ideal for children's parties, and makes an impact for promotions and private parties.

Stilt walking
Height gives giant impact and add that to a crazy costume and anything's possible. Ideal for promotions, festivals, and clubs stilt walking can be combined with fire and balloons. Clown, burlesque carnival clown, Dragon, ugly sister* (*character incoporates a shadow theatre under dress)

Walkabout characters
A variety of costumes from authentic to outrageous bringing added colour, comedy, character and spectacle to any event. Shinning Knights, Loui the Dragon (hand puppet),Ugly sister, Elves, Pixies, Samurai, Swash Bucklers, Tudors, a dragon, Huge insects, Mad Dentist, UV Butterfly, Tall clown, knight on a sea horse and many more.

Tailor made
If you are organising a special event I can tailor the show for you, using music of your choice, creating costumes to suit your theme and even colouring the fire (red, purple, blue or green) to tie the show into the event, in larger spaces I can also create huge patterns of sparks for a dazzeling finalle. Fire is ideal for outdoor events and can be used inside many venues, but I can use glow equipment as an alternative to fire.

(Please note that although I am fully insured if I feel the venue is unsafe or unsuitable I will not put others at risk)