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Ladles and Jellyspoons roll up roll up see the amazing freak show, Stilt Walkers, balloon modelers.

A plethera of engaging characters you can find something to suit every event or special occassion.


Stilt walker perfomance mad hatter alice in wonderland balloon modeller


Stilt walker balloon modeller mad hatter

Mad Hatter

A very merry unbirthday to you and you, and you, the Mad Hatter is a classic character I've been performing him for years now and he's always a favourite. He works best with one or two friends to bounce off, choose from: the White Rabbit, Red Queen, Alice or the March Hare but is equally at home solo.

Stilt walkers hatter and mad march hare


The Hatter also works well as a stilt based character.


Stilt walking mad hatter


Medieval Jesters


Balloon modeling and juggelling jesters . balloon modelling and juggling jesters puppet


Medieval mischief perfect for any mead hall, event or party.


stilt walker the big chef

The Big Chef

A Huge hit at the Heb Celt festival this year this new character is constantly seeking the best for your culinary delight. Complete with a rediculus French accent he adds giggles and smiles to any event.

stilt walker the big chef and chicken


Jack Frost


Stilt walking Jack Frost


Jack Frost is perfect for Christmas events, markets and light switch-on's his glowing costume shimmers icily by day and glows by night.


Rusty Longshanks the Stiltwalking Cowboy


Fast talking Rusty spins yarns tall tales, Jokes and and puns. Leaving giggles and smiles in his wake. Perfect for Western Events and partys. Picture coming soon.


walkabout puppetry and balloon modelling

Pixie and Vince the baby Dragon

Saving damsels, wronging rights, quaffing mead, and generally failing to save the day. Nuff the Tree Pixie tries his best to keep Vince his baby dragon friend out of trouble, Vince has other ideas... he likes trouble. He has a passion for mischief, an eye for the ladies and a taste for strong spirits.


Balloon modeller



Balloon modeller


Asbo the naughty Clown

Everybodys favourate Balloon Modeller Asbo usually can't stay to the end of the evening as he has to get home early due to his tag. He provides humour and hilarity at any event, walking the tightrope of wrongness, he can be rude and inapropriate if thats what floats your boat, or entertain the children in an entertaining and educational way Always. From hen partys to childrens partys and all the inuendo inbetween. What he can't do with a balloon you just don't want to know.


Stilt walker


The Big Bad Wolf

Wolfie is always looking out for dinner, just watch out as you might be on the menu. The Big Bad Wolf creates a massive spectical due to his great size, one of the biggest stilt costumes I've seen out and about. He can be joined by Red Riding Hood (stilt or ground based) who of course keeps the pistol in her knickers primed and ready for action. Elements of story telling and comedy dining a great stilt walking four legged character.


stilt walking


stilt walking


Wonker Picture to follow

Willy Wonker

Mr Wonka is a favouate at partys and events especally when chocolate fountains or decidant deserts are in the picture. a mixture of clowning, balloon modeling and comedy in a cross over between Jean Wilder and Johnny Depp.


stilt walking pirate

Pirate Captain Geordie Depp Aka Captain Spack from Jarrow

Why is the rum always gone, and de ye want ta take a tour of me poop deck pet...Captain Spack brings an element of wacky piracy to any event. Lock up you wenches and lace up your corsets ladies its a pirates life for me. Sea shanties, Balloons and piratical sillyness.


stilt walking cops and robbers

Cops and Robbers

Clever Coppers and Constables have rings ran around them by our banded bandits. Unpc PC's bring arresting comedy to your event.




Devilish Devils

Mishivious and cheeky, devilish devils add a firey touch to any halloween event.


fire devil


Fire performer



Pixies Elves and Faerie Folk

Mythology and wonder as beings from the other realm cross over into our reality.


stilt walkers, faerys elves and pixies


stilt walker

Dame Paula De Theatre

With a shadow puppet theatre consealed below her dress the dame prominades around looking for an eligable wealthy husband. Shadow shows can be themed to fit your event. Sadly the Dame has been retired.






Orc Bouncer

If your names not down, your not getting in. This listless bouncer adds a touch of security to your door. Also great as a clumbsy lumbering yet dainty waiter.





Hysterical Historical

Being a costume designer I can provide costume for any period, and can tailor a performance to suit your event.