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Costume & Performance Equipment


I design and make my own character's prop's, costume's and equipment for ground based, stilt walkers and large scale puppets. I also provide this service to others. Especially one off special pieces that are simply not available else where: Leather work, masks, armour, puppets, fire sculpures, fire swords, fire poi/staffs (single double or triple wicked), fire ropes, Fire fingers/ claws, fire fans, fire wings. Please contact me if you want a costume, stilt walking trousers or puppet created to your specifications, picture or design, give as much infomation as you can, such as where the costume is to be used, what you want to be able to do in it as well as choice of colour and style.

dragon puppet entertaining on journey

Loui the Dragon (Leather hand Puppet)


Leather work ukulele case . ......leather work scratch plate

Leather Work Ukulele Case....Leather Scratch Plate



fire performer in period norse costume


dragon puppet performance . .... .........walkabout entertainer with puppet dragon



. ....leather armour from my workshop. ..leather arts from my workshop.. .leather craft workshop results.. .

period stilt walker wrist protector . period stilt walker wrist protector close up

Leather Bracers. (Celtic Dragon pattern from book of Kells)

Your designs can be made to order

stilt walking knights helmet ...stilt walking knights helmut

Leather helmet

not balloon modeling or stilt walking for a change leather work . ..not balloon modelling or stilt walking  leather work

leather work from my workshop . ...leather workshop creations

Leather Armour bracers and greaves.


leather craft work from my craft workshop ..leather craft work from my craft workshop...leather craft work from my craft workshop

A selection of unique leather Masks

....leather craft work from my craft workshop . . leather craft work from my craft workshop... . leather craft work from my craft workshop

. .....

... . leather craft work from my craft workshop . .leather craft work from my craft workshop . leather craft work from my craft workshop

..... leather craft work from my craft workshop . .leather craft work from my craft workshop. .leather craft work from my craft workshop


. ...paper mache masks from my craft workshop .. ............................latex and paper mache masks from my craft workshop

Wolf Mask (paper mache) Demon Mask (latex and wire)

Masks are avalible in a range of colours and designs, I can work from a picture you provide or from your ideas.


ideal to practice fire performance

Contact Staff

ideal for fire performane

Fire Staff


Fire swords before fire performace still yellow

Fire Swords

Costume Designs


fire performer entertaining in mirrored steel costume

Mirrored Steel, Flexible Body Armour

leather work stilt walking costume

Latex Spiky Armour

walkabout roaming performers orc bouncers

Spikey Orc Armour

meet and greet orc bouncers entertainers at the buddle arts centre


fire performer costume..... .... performer costume

Recycled Rubber Corset

I create original latex masks, leather armlets, rubber or leather bags, belts and corsets, dragon wings, fairy wings and latex prosthetics such as pixie ears, gill ears and horns and I'm always looking for an exciting new project. I can create costumes, and equipment to your specifications, of designs, if you send me a plan or just tell me what you want it to look like, your sizes and most importantly what you need to do in it.

fire performer entertaining on halloween

Flame trousers, leather patchwork flames (top Monkey Temple Edinburgh)

Sea Horse head


ballon modeller knight entertainer . . . . .. stilt walking knight entertainer

Knight riding sea horse costume (also availible as a jockey riding sea horse) No longer avalible but could be remade for the right event.

More images and costume Designs (click)

stilt walking costumes





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