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Fire Shows

Originating in New Zealand and Hawaii Poi and Moi Poi has become a popular activity across the world. Poi and staff provide a base for some stunning performance pieces. From fast and furious speeds to hypnotic repetitive motions capable of taking your breath away or almost hypnotising an audience. The primal enchanting magic of fire brings an extra element to this spectacle.


With over thirteen years of professional performance experience I've performed at events all over the country and world wide. Originally based in the North East of England I now cover the South East as have relocated to Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire near to Milton Keynes, Luton and London.


I have worked for illustrious clients such as: her Grace the Duchess of Northumbria, Beamish Museum, The Sage Gateshead, the BBC and Channel 5. I've had the privilege and pleasure to work with some truly inspirational performers among them: Festive Road, Dream State Circus (formaly) Fairy Fire, Lunatricks, Celtic Fire, Lets Circus, Performers Without Borders, Tepooka, Trickswap, Pyro Celtica, Mary the Fairy, The FaeDaLites, He Who is Red, The Fire Man Dave, Theatre Elementals, Charlie 'Burns' Carpenter and The Invisible Circus.


If you are organising a special event I can tailor the show to your requirements, using music of your choice. Creating fire sculpures and even colouring the fire (red, purple, blue or green) to tailor our show to your event, we also use sparklers and use wire wool to create huge patterns of sparks (If I feel the venue is unsafe or unsuitable for fire I will not perform). If you wish to have a bigger show I can arrange any number of performers and tailor the performance to meet your needs. I am covered by public liability insurance for damages up to £10,000,000 with extended £2,000,000 cover for fire work and have an enhanced CRB check please ask in advance for copys or to see these documents.

stilt walking student union northumbria university newcastle

Selected Prior Performances
Festivals, Events and Club Nights



Pariffinalia 20th Dec 2014 Cambel Park, Milton Keynes

A Spectacular event making the solstice with fire performance, scultpures and pyrotechnics.

The Garden of Light Sat 15 Nov 2014, @ Fred Roche Gardens

A lovely community event in the heart of Milton Keynes, Fire show, Glow Walkabout, Balloon modelling and Stilt walking for the parade. Many thanks to Milton Keynes Council for letting us use Fred Roche Gardens and to Milton Keynes Community Foundation and Community First for funding the event.

Fire bull whip for Milton Keynes Inter-Action  Garden of light performance


Beamish Museum. Georgan Fare, Victoran Christmas & Spooky Halloween 2005-2014

Stepping back in time in to Georgan, or Edwardian England, fire shows, stiltwalking and Jestering. Huge fun and great responce from the folk enjoying the museums special events.

Fire performer at beamish museum county durham . fire eating at beamish museum county durham




Leighton Buzzard Past Present Future Event. 2013 Stilt walking time travellers entertaned the crowds and sent them though time with their ingenius time helmet. A Two person fire show right on the high street.


Leighton Buzzard Story trail 2013

The Mad Hatter and White Rabbit entertained as part of the story trails annivesary. Featuring loads of balloon modelling, a circus workshop and a Fire Show.


Leighton Buzzard Teddy bears Picnic 2014

Stilt walking entertainment for the Mayors Teddy Bear Picnic lashings of balloon modelling and a fire show.


World book day March 2014 Stilt walking parade and a stage show in the Libary theatre. Using balloon modelling to tell a story of love, a princess, a hero and a dasterdly villain.


Hebcelt Festival 2009-2013 From Alice in Wonderland to a Firey king. Varous different performances walkabout characters, Stilt walking entertanments and fire performance to entertain festival goers.


Lakefest 2013@ Tewksbury A great wee Festival, Stilt Walking performances and Fire shows featuring the big Chef and the Mad Hatter on the stilts.


Small World Solar Festival 2013 @Headcorn Kent. Fire shows Stilt walking and walkabout entertainment.

fire show performed at Fred  Roche Gardens for Milton Kenyes Inter-Action 's Garden of Light

Beautiful Days 2013 @Escot estate Circus workshops and fire performances with Trickswap Circus.


Thunder in the Glens 2013 @ Aviemore Scotland. Stilt Walking Meet and greet and fire shows for the Harley Davidson Rally.


Alnwick Festival of Fools 2012@ Alnwick gardens. Thoughout December the garderns were brought to life with amazing performers these fools set riddles and guided you around the gardens mysterys.

Alnwick gardnens festival of fools performance

Eden Festival 2010-2011 Alice in Wonderland Stilt walking performance with a White Rabbit, Red Queen and a fiddleing Cheshire Cat. Very popular walkabout performances.


Archiolink Inch Scotland 2007-2010 (Sadly now closed or I'm sure I would still be working there). Beltain and Samhain leather craft, celtic tatoo's and circus workshops and fire performances in iron age celtic scotland.

performer ice festival


Geilo Ice Music Festival Norway 2007-2009. Fire shows to erie music played on instuments made of ice. Magical and ever changing the music reacts to the environment around it. Watched over by the beautiful full moon we performed for the festivals climax.


Newcastle Green Festival, May 2003-2009 @Leazes and Exhibition parks. Based on the elements we devised a piece with a live band, video projections and pixie like costumes (latex pixie ears, horns body painting, latex and other materials). Blue glow poi was used for water creating a wave like motion passing a ripple along a line of performers. The element of air was created with flags, staffs with flags attached and a huge staff with ribbons which could be snapped to represent a storm and lightning. The element of fire was created using fire fingers, fire poi and a disco ball backed up by cheesy music and a comic sexy dance number. For a climax we lit a fire sculpture and pulled out all the stops with fire staffs, poi, fire eating and Fire Breathing, double glow staffs fire juggling, double fire poi, fire ropes. With internationally acclaimed fire performers and beautiful fire sculptures these shows were one's to remember. Members of Theatre Elementals were joined by Sophie and Jacob of Fairy Fire and the flames grew and flickered as they danced.

Clowning at newcastle green festival............ recycled clowns at newcastle green festival


Urban Faries recycling walkabout, fully recycled costumes and the 'Recycle' bike powered recycling centre.


scrap sculpture recycle



Kinetic Fire Sculpture for Knockengorch  Fire Show


Knockengorroch festival 2006-2011 Communitiy fire performances as well as design and creation of a kinetic fire sculpure with great help from Tapooka and Steve Mischief.


Wickerman Festival 21st July 2006. Fire shows before the burning of the wicker man and boy.


Fire sculpture and performers at Wickerman festival

Fire show for the burning of the man


Fire Toys Festival, June 2005 @ Berry saint Edmunds Running Arts and circus workshops as well as performing in the fiery finale.


Solfest 2005 & 2012 @ Aspatria Workshops and Stilt Walking walkabout performances The Big Bad Wolf came out to play with Mary the Fairy as Red Riding Hood.


Fire performer newcastle Green festival. fire performance leases park newcaslte green festival fire performance exhibition park newcastle Theatre Elementals Fire performance newcastle green festival flag poi newcastle green festival


Buddhafield Festival 2002-2006 @ Wellington, Summerset.
With help from Trickswap I set up the childrens fire shows, co-ordinating and running poi workshops and helping to create shows with Majical Youth arts project, Festival organiser, Suzy Cohen and the rest of the Tween-ages crew. with pictures of last years fire show at

Beautiful Daze Aug 19-22, 2004 @ Escort Estate, Exeter.
The Levellers festival. One of the best new festivals in the country, working as part of the Majical Youth team leading circus skills workshops, as well as co-ordernating safe fire workshops for the children and fire performance in the evenings.


Fire performer incased in a ball of flamesTwo fire performers with fire ropes.


Chapel Allerton festival Sept 4th 2004 @ Chapel Allenton. Solo fire performance and balloon modelling.


Chopwell Woods Festival July 10, 2004 @ Chopwell. A wood craft based festival with Irish music and lumberjacks, performing with two other members of Theatre Elementals and a live band.


Fire Show promo picture featuring Theatre Elementals fire perfomers


The Blacksmith 21 December 2003 @ Leazers park. A loose rewrite of Erick the Viking with shadow puppets, live band and actors, written and narrated by Scott Tyrrell, award winning poet and member of the Poetry Vandals. This story had it all: an evil king, a shining hero, his love, devils and a dragon.


The Big Green Gathering @Chedder 2002. Fire dancing as part of a larger performance.


Prognosis @ Newfield. 2002 A beautiful venue for a riverside fire display. Fire slack rope walking and a unicycle with peddles of fire jumping over an audience member were just a couple of the highlights of this show. Which we finished by walking into the river and letting the fire reflect in it while we danced, finally dipping our poi in unison to huge applause.



Selected Club Nights

A Stilt walker in a drag costume with a shadow puppet theatre consealed beneath the dress


Wonderlands Neverland Sat 30th March 2013 @ Crucifix Lane London

The Mad Hatter came out to play Stilt walking and balloon modelling for this amazing club night.


Balloon modeller and stilt walker for wonderlands neverland mad hatter



The Happenings 2006 a Female fest @ Newcastle Uni. Drag stilt character with a shadow puppet theater under the dress.


Freshers Fair Sept 2004/5/6@ Newcastle Uni. Stilts, New fire sword fight routine. Poi contact juggling breathing eating and playing with fire.


Freaky Dancing 2003/4/5/6 @ Newcastle Student Union and Cosmic Ballrooms. Fire performance, Stiltwalking, Walkabout at various themed events.


Walkabout performance meet and greet

The Happenings Sat 23rd Oct.2004 @ Newcastle Uni. Fire performance incoporating, Fire sword fights, Stilt Walking, acrobatics and choreographed fire routines.


Masquerade Ball for Newcastle University Psychology Department. Sat 2nd Oct 2004, @ Castle Keep. Walkabout, Table magic and burlesque entertainment in a Medieval style. Rooftop fire show.


The Mission. Sat 11th Sept 2004 @ Edinburgh. Performed a fetish style indoor fire show with Gareth Davies. Fire swords, staffs, poi, ropes, balloons, eating and magic.


Nonsense Night 2 Sat 18th of Sept 2004. @ Brudenell. New costumes, UV Glow show, Mirror body armour, Balloons, Mad Dentist, Clockwork Orange and UV Moth walkabout. Dagger though tongue, Fire Eating, Fire Show and much much more.


performers sword fightingFire performers in syncronised routeenfire sword fight during show


The Happenings Sat 24th April 2004@ The Castle Keep, Newcastle. Fire performance on top of the Castle Keep against the backdrop of the city's nightscape.


Digital soul 2003 @ Newcastle Arts Centre and at Satellite. Both indoor glow performances.


Walkabout costume for LED glow performance


Billy Nasty 2003 @ Newcastle Student Union. Dancing onstage while Billy Nasty performed, we created a specific dance piece and one off costumes specially for the event using latex, body paint and prosthetics, creating magical pixie characters.


Arcane 2003@ Newcastle Student Union (Circus themed night) entertaining the crowds with a fire show while they waited to enter general indoor clowning, balloon modelling and magic.


The opening of Pharmacy 2002 @ Foundation. Entertaining the crowds while they waited to enter.


Selected Private Events


Leighton Buzzard Past Present Future event 2013 Time travellers visited the event with interactive walkabout stilt performance, the helmet of time and a spectaular fire show.


Duco's Christmas Party,@The Hilton Hotel Gateshead 2005-13 Stilt walking, balloon modeling and entertainment for the Christmas party.


Leighton Buzzard Story Trail 2013 The Mad Hatter and White Rabbit had a great time along the trail and in the park where we ran a circus workshop and performed a fire show.


Northhampton Devli event 2013 Fire shows working in tandem with the guys from Festive Road's amazing light sculptures.


Inter-action MK 2013 Fire Show with live improvised music from the amazing and eclectic Kettle band.


BBC Blast 2006 @ Exhibition park Newcastle. Circus workshops and theater inprove workshop with groups of young people for the blast event Newcastle.


Chelsea sensory Garden Opening for Northumberland county Blind Association @ Reiver House, Morpeth. 6th November. "Fiery launch for town's medal-winning miniature tribute to famous botanist Morpeth's award-winning garden officially opened on Saturday with a flurry of Northumbrian fire, dance and pipe song. The Duchess of Northumberland, joined by Mayor of Castle Morpeth, Coun Mrs Kay Morris, and the Count's Lord Lieutenant Sir John Riddell, cut the tape on the mini-Turner garden at its new home at the town's riverside. Flanked by fire-eaters, flame dancers, jesters, pipe players and 16th century folk, her Grace described the garden as a 'wonderful place'." The Morpeth Herald Thursday, November 11, 2004 (pg. 8)




River Festival 2006/5 @ Cliffe Park, Seaburn. Fire shows and stiltwalking.


Tall ships 2006 @ Newcastle quayside. Stiltwalking walkabout with a nautical and recycling vibe.


Sunderland Mela 11th June 2006 @ Cliffe Park, Seaburn. Fire shows and stiltwalking.


Refugee event 2006 @ winter gardens Sunderland. Fire show and stilt walking.


Channel 5, Big promotons Football focus filmed for a new sports show 2005 @ Angel of the North. Entertaining 250 children over the course of filming, working with together with Bo the Clown (see links).


Paul's Bouncy Bash. Sat 13th Nov 2003/4. @ Falls Wooler. Entertaining entertainers, promoters and locals at this end of season party.


Gala Bingo Superdraw's 13th Birthday Party sat 16th Oct 2004 @ Gala Bingo, Pallion road, Sunderland. Balloon modelling and entertainment for the clientele.



Vanessa Ord's 50th Birthday Celebrations Sat 15th April @ Hunwick. Crook. With flags and decorations in the garden to make a beautiful back drop. I performed a show with music tailored to the members of the house.


Wear dale Agricultural Show Aug 28th 2004 @ Saint Johns Church, Wear dale. Solo fire shows and walkabout entertainment.


The Wedding of Jacob and Sophie Jan 3rd 2004 @ Hippies Bar, Kho Phi Phi Island Thailand. A truly magical time on a fairy tail island, I felt privileged to perform with the invisible circus for such fantastic people and to be part of their special event.


Fire show in Thailand


Stanhope Christmas Market December 2003 @ Stanhope. Performing a improvised street theatre piece with Kitt Jackson. Solo Fire Show.


Yes 2003 @Durham Market place. Performed with Jacky Scollen, of Theatre Elementals to promote the yes vote for a Northern Regional Assembly.


Etal fun weekend 2003 @ Etal. I performed several solo fire shows over the weekend and was interviewed on border radio.


The Wedding of Nadia and Guy Linkleter 2003 @ Seaham Hall. Tailoring a 30 minute show to entertain the wedding guests, especially the bride and groom who had watched fire dancing while on holiday in Thai land.


Louie Jackson's Birthday Party 2003 @ Bishop Auckland. Performing a balloon and fire show with Charlie Carpenter for Lou and his friends was a fantastic experience as Louie's friend who only has the control of one hand added sound effects to our show with his chair bound computer's voice effects unit the best bravo I have ever received.